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Your search for the best iPod parts is now over!

iRepair is a supplier of high quality iPod replacement parts because we understand that many customers prefer doing it themselves in order to save time, money, and trouble. If this is an option that interests you, please consider our convenient do-it-yourself repair kits. We offer top grade iPod replacement parts (mostly original OEM) at rock bottom prices.

Choose your model or part type below to see our unbeatable selection of great deals. Our catalog consists of an extensive selection of iPod screens, batteries, headphone jacks, hard drives, and much more.

Place your order with peace of mind, knowing that each and every one of our iPod parts are backed by a warranty and 100% satisfaction guarantee!

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    Our iPod parts include...

    iPod Back Cover

    Fixes problems such as: scratches, wear, dents, bends, unwanted engravings, panel is too thick/thin, prefer a different color.

    iPod Battery

    Fixes problems such as: short battery life, doesn’t retains a proper charge, quickly dies when unhooked from the power adapter.

    iPod Click Wheel

    Fixes problems such as: scratches, wear, doesn’t scroll correctly, unresponsive buttons, center click button is hard to press.

    iPod Faceplate

    Fixes problems such as: scratches, cracks, wear, discoloration, prefer a different color, refurbish the front to look brand new.

    iPod Hard Drive

    Fixes problems such as: sad face error, songs skipping, freezing, red x error, clicking noises, won’t restore, corrupted messages.

    iPod Headphone Jack

    Fixes problems such as: static, no sound, distorted audio,  sound in one ear only, audio cuts in and out, hold switch isn’t working.

    iPod Logic Board

    Fixes problems such as: exposure to liquid, static electricity, damage, dead iPod, overheating, becomes hot during charging.

    iPod Screen

    Fixes problems such as: cracked screen, shattered glass, busted LCD display, faulty backlight, damaged digitizer, dead pixels.